dr keyur bhatt

Specialist in all Gastro, Liver & Pancreatic surgery. He has mastery in all G.I. & Cancer surgery. He performs all basic to advanced laparoscopic surgery.

Practicing as GI surgeon in Surat, Gujarat, since  2010.  Founder and director at SIDS Hospital & Research Center, Surat. 

He has a mastery in managing all Gastro related complications and now recently he has written a book on “complications in GI & HPB Surgery“.

Includes a variety of surgical procedures for all the diseases related to gastrointestinal, liver and pancreas. The surgeries of CANCER-related to the digestive system.

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Dr. Keyur Bhatt

Our recent book released on “Complications in GI & HPB Surgery”.  A book that comprised of experience of GI Surgeons and learning from complications with case based approach. Worth reading for surgeons , fellows,  residents and surgical consultnats.

Dr. Keyur Bhatt

MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai, India 2009. First class

Special interest is in Hepato Biliary and Pancreatic surgery and complex Gastro Intestinal surgery. Founder member and director at SIDS Hospital & Research Center, Surat.

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Dr. Keyur Bhatt Dr. Keyur Bhatt

Dr. Keyur Bhatt Dr. Keyur Bhatt Dr. Keyur Bhatt Dr. Keyur Bhatt Dr. Keyur Bhatt Dr. Keyur BhattGastrosurgeryGastrosurgery